Key Features

P-NET Communication

Fieldbus communication with PD340 flowmeters and other P-NET devices


Modern and clean UI supporting comfortable work of the operator

Robust construction

Wide operating temperature range and high protection class

Large data storage

Acquisition and storage of measurement and process parameters in non-volatile memory

PD688 Overview

  • Precise volumetric measurement
  • Designed to collect and display data from one PD 340 Flowmeter in standard software package and a number of Flowmeters in custom software package
  • Complete solution with a modern and user-friendly interface for trucks that collect or deliver liquid products as well as for stationary flowmetering systems
  • Features for calibration and configuration of PD340 Flowmeters and P-NET peripherals (…)
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PD4000 Modern Successor

Easy upgrade

Within a new PD688 you can easily upgrade your existing PD4000 Flowmeter System

PD3940 Compatible

Integrate easily with existing  PD3940 printer interface. Configure your measurement result printout via PD688 Display

Robust Solution

Equally solid solution in a modern edition

New Features

The key to expansion of existing systems within a base of new functionalities

PD688  Showcase

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IP67 sealed front casing

Physical Buttons

RFID reader

7” Touch Display

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Flowmeter Display

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Flowmeter Display

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